Network Chain Type Endpoint Docs Status
Axelar axelar-dojo-1 RPC n/a n/a
Axelar axelar-dojo-1 LCD Link n/a
Axelar axelar-dojo-1-archive RPC n/a n/a
Axelar axelar-dojo-1-archive LCD Link n/a
Axelar axelar-testnet-lisbon-3 RPC n/a n/a
Axelar axelar-testnet-lisbon-3 LCD Link n/a
Cosmos cosmoshub-4 RPC n/a n/a
Cosmos cosmoshub-4 LCD Link n/a
Cosmos Archive cosmoshub-4 RPC n/a n/a
Cosmos Archive cosmoshub-4 LCD Link n/a
Okp4 okp4-nemeton-1 LCD Link n/a
Osmosis osmosis-1 RPC n/a n/a
Osmosis osmosis-1 LCD Link n/a
Osmosis osmosis-1-archive RPC n/a n/a
Osmosis osmosis-1-archive LCD Link n/a
Terra columbus-5 RPC n/a n/a
Terra columbus-5 LCD Link n/a



Question Answer
Can I use count_total and offset on LCD endpoints Do not use those parameters on LCD endpoints. Instead use the better performing pagination.key parameter
Can I set a pagination.limit on LCD queries On LCD endpoints the pagination.limit is set to 20 by default. Any other value is ignored and overridden to 20
I am getting rate limited (429 errors) what can I do? We use a fair-use policy to keep the RPCs available for everyone. If you are experiencing 429 errors please lower the rate of calls. If you consequently go over the limit your IP might get blocked
I need more than the free rate limit for my application Contact us on [email protected] to discuss what we can do for you. We can offer dedicated endpoints upon request as well.
You do not send the correct CORS headers so I cannot use your API Our API's are not intended for (production) use in a customer facing application. Instead use a proxy that implements caching and if you need a custom solution contact us on [email protected]
My question is not listed here Contact us on our Join our Discord Channel to get help



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